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Waiting List Update and Pricing :)

Hi Puppy Lovers :)

I've been updating the website lately and the waiting list page.

I've noticed some are submitting the form to be added to the waiting list but they are not submitting the payment. This is a requirement. I am trying to make sure that only serious families are on the waiting list. I do not want families that are serious to be waiting for someone to reply that isn't serious. COVID-19 has caused a huge demand for puppies and I only open up 4 slots for each litter. I have just ONE slot left. Once the puppies are born, I notify the people on the waiting list so they can start making decisions on which puppy they may want and prepare them. At 4 weeks old, I contact each person by order of deposit to let them choose their puppy and pay the deposit to hold their puppy, the remainder would be due at pickup. I then move onto the next person on the list to give everyone equal opportunity.

I haven't discussed pricing publicly because Facebook does not allow it. So I wanted to update it here. Here is the message I use to give everyone a quick snip of information:

My next litter is in February, they will all be salt and pepper. The litter after that will be in August is for all black and silver. I will be offering financing as well. They will be $1,800 - $2,000. Due to the high demand of puppies at this time, I charge $100 to be part of the first pick on the waiting list. It is non-refundable but it carries onto any litter afterwards if you want to wait for certain colors or all of the first picks have been claimed. Once the puppies are born, it will be $350 to hold your puppy and the remainder will be due once the puppy is picked up. Always, reach out to me with any questions. I am available for phone calls, text, and video chat. I like to make sure everyone is comfortable especially due to all of the scammers out right now.

Also, even if you do not purchase a puppy from me, I am always here to answer questions about the breed and their health, etc.

Thank you!


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