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New stud on the way!!

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to announce that we have found the cutest little boy to add to the breeding program! His breeder and her family were impacted by Hurricane Laura, please say a prayer for them and everyone else out there!

Everyone meet Charlie! If you know how our naming goes then you may be able to guess his full name haha We name all of our babies after older country music artists.

Here's Charlie Daniels, he is an AKC Liver Pepper. As soon as I get him I will be doing his genetic testing. We are flying to Louisiana next month to pick him up!! Of course it will be quite a while before he can be bred. In the meantime I have some awesome friends that are also breeders that we will be working with to have a litter probably around March-April.

I've been so excited to share my business with you all. This is something I am very passionate about and seeing the new owners light up when they get their babies just makes it 10x worth it.

Please stay tuned and subscribe for updates.

I am adding to the page little by little as things happen.

Ya'll have a great day and remember to stay safe :)

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