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How things work here

I wanted to take the time to put in writing how things work here at Little Schnauzer Paws. The intention is to help answer any questions you may have, as well as providing information to clear up any confusion of what is simply not possible or what we cannot guarantee as breeders.

First and foremost, our dogs are genetically tested through Embark! Embark tells us not only that our dogs are cleared of genetic health issues, but it can also be used to determine the color of puppies in an upcoming litter! This does not guarantee that we will get all colors that can be produced and also does not guarantee that color you want in the size that you desire. Unlike human ultrasounds, dog ultrasounds cannot give an exact number of puppies during a pregnancy or determine gender prior to delivery. Also, I cannot guarantee that a dog will not fade in color. This breed is known to have a fading gene and color can change. I cannot guarantee size and I can only do my best to predict expected heat cycles and possible litter dates, but it does not always work out the way we plan.

All of my dogs are AKC registered, and prices range from $1800 to $3000. Price is determined by size of the puppy, coat type and color. Please understand that I have the right to the first pick of any litter I produce. All puppies come with their tails docked, dewclaws removed, all appropriate shots and deworming. They will be vet checked and will come with information regarding registering your puppy with AKC, tips for caring for your new puppy, puppy package, shot record/health certificate, signed copy of my three-year health guarantee and Purina Pro Plan dog food. All puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract and limited registration. Limited registration gives you a papered puppy along with a pedigree to prove it is a purebred however, the puppy cannot be bred. If breeding occurs, no puppies sired from this dog will ever be able to be registered and legal action will be taken as stated in our contract. Breeders may inquire about full breeding rights before placing a deposit, as I am very selective when it comes to giving full breeding rights. Wait list deposits are $100 and are non-refundable but transferrable. Individuals on the wait list will list their preferences for size, color, etc. and will be contacted when the puppies are four-weeks of age. I will do my best to match each puppy based on the information provided by those on the wait list. If at that time you decide to move forward with that puppy, a non-refundable deposit of $350 is due at that time and the remaining balance is due at pickup. I will send updates, photos and videos weekly.

Please note, transportation is not included in this cost. I work with great transport teams and can provide a quote upon your request. I am also available to meet within 100 miles of Jacksonville, Florida free of charge. I am willing to travel outside of 100 miles for an additional fee. 101-300 miles is $150 and anything over 300 miles will be an additional $400. Please understand that I am a wife and a mother and will try my best to be available at all times.

As mentioned above, all puppies come with a three-year health guarantee that covers congenital (hereditary) diseases and defects. I cannot guarantee disposition, and this is not covered by my health guarantee. You must have the puppy seen by a vet within three days of receiving your puppy, register the microchip within 30 days and provide proof at six months of age that your puppy was spayed/neutered. Proof of spay/neuter completion must be emailed to me. Failure to do any of the things listed above will result in your health guarantee being null and void.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

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