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A little about us

Let's dive in and tell you more about my family!

My husband, daughter, and I live with our gang :) lol

All of our dogs are named after country singers so of course we had to have a Dolly Parton. She is our adorable black and silver Mini Schnauzer on the main page.

She is triple registered (AKC, CKC, and ACA), has genetic testing done, zero health issues, specialty testing for OFA certification (CHIC), and has also been trained by a well known trainer in our area.

We also have my 13 year old Lab/Pit mix ("Labradull") Hank Williams Senior (because he is old lol).

My daughter had to be different so she named her cat Olivia, after Olivia Newton-John.

When I was a child my family was the ones with all of the rescues. Either we were adopting or finding....even had quite a few dropped off at our house. I've owned all sorts of animals. From dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, birds, hamsters, fancy rats, you name it. We never turned down anything in need of a loving and caring home. As I got older I started to realize why so many of these animals were being re-homed. Some people get a dog that is a breed that they did not know are hyper, have a lot of health issues, are high maintenance, basically more costly than they were expecting or not the right fit. I want to educate people and make sure they understand the breed, the necessities, the good and the not so good.

Sadly I know all too well of the genetic issues that are seen in so many rescue pets. One of my favorite rescues was a handsome Schnauzer that we named Lucky. He was the ugliest, scraggliest, and just all around most hard to adopt out dog at the rescue. They gave us what we asked for though, whoever had been there the longest that had slim chances of adoption. How come he was one of the best ones we ever owned? He was the definition of Schnauzer lol. He was rambunctious, loud, attention hogging, cuddle bugging, and he took his guard dog duty with pride. They had forewarned us that he had a genetic health condition and would probably not live very long. We dedicated to give him the best years we could. If he had a checklist, it was complete (except for skydiving, we had to draw the line lol) But he is why I make sure my pets are genetic tested and cleared of 170+ health conditions. I don't want to ever see a happy family leave with a puppy that could potentially carry something that could have been prevented.

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading.

I went a little off topic but I feel very passionate about breeding healthy and quality puppies that are purebred.

I want you to be able to say "I know what the parents look like, I have seen the genetic tests, I have the registration papers, I've met the person that was the first human that my baby ever met..... and last but not least, the person that will always love every single one of the puppies that come from her home."

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page and read about my furry pride and joys. Here is a super cute picture from our last Christmas morning. I hope you enjoy and even though they were all "made" to match, they still enjoyed it, even the cat lol

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